watercolor exhibition 2021

Sofia, Bulgaria

The patina of time always manages to silently tell its stories and troubles, the destinies of which it was an indifferent background and the joys of which it witnessed. With each layer that time bequeaths to us, a small fragment of our, common and someone's personal history is transferred to the eternal. With all the admiration for the old and wise past, Atanas Matsoureff created the paintings for his current exhibition - "Layers of Time"

Mikhaela Mikhailova, art-gallery "Nuance"



Watercolor Artist, Realist, Magic Realist. Self Taught. Living and working in Sofia, Bulgaria.


1975 - Born in the town of Bansko, Bulgaria.

1994 - Graduated from the woodcarving class in his native town.

1996 - Moved to live in Sofia, Bulgaria.

1998 - Discovered watercolour as a means of expression.


Member of IMWA (International Masters of Watercolor Alliance) and country representative for Bulgaria.


He has had 17 solo exhibitions and 44 joint exhibitions in all over the world, he is a winner of prestigious awards in Bulgaria and abroad, and his creative biography is rich and varied.


Works of the artist are owned by private collections and museums in Bulgaria, Spain, Turkey, England, Greece, Canada, Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, France, Hungary, Italy, China, Thailand, Russia, Germany and USA.